Harry Potter - Dursley or Death Eater?

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Can you name the group that the character who said the following quotes belongs to? Dursley vs. Death Eater?

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QuoteDursley or Death EaterCharacter
'If there's something wrong with the bitch, there'll be something wrong with the pup '
'Harry. Nasty, common name, if you ask me.'
'Didn't I tell you this nutter was just raving as usual?'
'They'll take the boy and go, there'll be no hanging around'
'I want more bacon'
'You don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.'
'This brat has nothing to do with either of us'
'Your parents were meddlesome fools too.'
'You've had it! You're history!'
'I smell double-dealing and corruption in this whole affair'
'I knew you'd be just the same, just as strange, just as ... as ... abnormal'
'We know you're up to something funny'
'Decent people are so easy to manipulate.'
'Mad am I? We'll see! We'll see who's mad!'
'Did he use ... his thing?'
'Hanging's the only way to deal with these people'
'She hates the boy'
QuoteDursley or Death EaterCharacter
'I am not your servant!'
'Don't you dare - don't you dare blame my husband!'
'Don't ask questions'
'They guard the wizard prison, Azkaban'
'Which makes you pretty skint, witless.'
'Potter your race is run.. You are not in a position to bargain'
'That's right. Shocks you that, does it... Frightens you?'
'Up! Get up! Now!'
'Potter, you cannot win against me!'
'Look at me... you have your mother's eyes'
'We should all be in position at eight o'clock'
'To me, Potter, you are nothing but a nasty little boy who considers the rules to be beneath him'
'Bad blood will out'
'Come out, come out, little Harry!'

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