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Who likes to 'pop lock jam and break'?
What number does troy wear on his basketball jersey?
'this is a place of learning, not a _________ arena'
Which wild cat likes to bake?
'Its like catching ________the chances of finding someone like you'
How many watches does chad wear?
Zac Efrons Character
whats is the rival school? and whats their mascot?
In HSM3 whats on the lunch board?
Miley Cyrus appears in which HSM
Whats the first song sung together by Troy and Gabriella?
Who does Zeke give cookies to?
What state do the wildcats live in?
Who gets accepted to the juliard school of music?
What does Gabriella spill on Sharpey?
Sharpay and Ryan _____?( last name)
What color and kind of car does Sharpay drive in HSM2?
What school do the wildcats attend?
What college does Gabriella plan on attending?
'_____ minutes' til the game is over
Vanessa Hudgens' Character
'g-o-d-r-a-m-a-c-l-u-b _______________point'

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