Word Ladder: How to make a Word Ladder

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Can you name the answers in this themed four-letter word ladder all about how to make a good Sporcle Word Ladder?

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Hint4-letter Word
You are currently doing a ____ ladder puzzle
Section of a hospital
Harry Potter has one
Vera ____ - American Fashion Designer
Phoned someone
One of 34 in this ladder
Vital breathing organ
Large member of the cod family
All word ladders should have a common ____
Long and limp
What the Titanic did
Mentally stable
All words should be the ____ length
Everybody has their 15 minutes of ____
The payment given when using transport
Golfer's cry
To construct or create
Hint4-letter Word
Produced during a bubble bath
A young horse
Illegal move committed during sport
Most ladders have *this* many letters per word
Having an acidic taste
To urge someone on
What boxers do during training
A petty quarrel
A key part of a chair
Part of a cow's udder
Portable shelter used during camping
A diluted colour or colour of a different hue
The left hand column is the ____ column
To chase with the intent of capture
Eight, in French
To give up or concede
A Word Ladder is a common type of Sporcle ____

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