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CharacterWho are they?
Dates Phoebe, but has to go to Minsk
The name of the rat that is in Phoebe's apartment
The name of Rachel's cat
Doesn't want to have children with Monica
Phoebe's half-brother
Monica's grandmother's name
Ross' ex-wife's lesbian partner
Rachel's boss, who Chandler dates
CharacterWho are they?
Where the gang were going to go...but then Phoebe's water broke
Wants to become 'The Ultimate Fighting Champion, and dates Monica
The Owner of Central Perk
Phoebe's room mate who no one's met
The game that Joey wants to be the host of, and he practices it with Ross and Chandler
The place where Emily and Ross stay at a bed and breakfast
The names of Monica and Chandler's twin babies

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