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Who are the Hindu Triumvirate?
Where does worship occur in Hinduism?
What is Dharma?
What is Karma?
What is Samsara?
Where did Hinduism originate?
What is the name of the spiritual river in Northern India?
Where would be a good pilgrimage?
Who controlled the subcontinent of India in the Imperialistic Age?
What countries are in South Asia?
What country in the Middle East supplies the most oil?
What is the main religion of the Middle East?
Who is the founder of Islam?
What is the holy book of Islam?
What countries would Turkey affect if it dammed the Euphrates River?
Where was Muhammad forced to travel to after being forced out of Mecca?
What were the Holy Wars called that the Christians waged on the Muslims?
What is the main language of the Middle East?
What is the name of a large, squalor, overcrowded, run down area that is located outside a big or major city?
What is the name of the movement of a group of people to an urban area away from a rural area?

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