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How to PlayForced Order
TitleCharacterPassive Ability
The Iron AmbassadorValiant Fighter
The Wandering CaretakerTraveler's Call
The Lady of LuminosityIllumination
The Bestial HuntressProwl
The Chain WardenDamnation
The Void WalkerVoid Stone
The DeathsingerDeath Defied
The Serpent's EmbraceDeadly Cadence
The Demon JesterBackstab
The PurifierLightslinger
The Swift ScoutCamouflage
The Spear of VengeanceMartial Poise
The Master TacticianCarrion Renewal
The Glorious ExecutionerWicked Blades
The Arrow of RetributionLiving Vengeance
The Nine-Tailed FoxEssence Theft
The Enlightened OneGathering Fire
The Terror of the VoidCarnivore
The Loose CannonGet Excited!
The Butcher of the SandsReign of Anger
The Secret WeaponCell Division
The ArmordilloSpiked Shell
The Mouth of the AbyssIcathian Surprise
The Magus AscendantAscended Form
The Master of ShadowsContempt for the Weak
The Card MasterLoaded Dice
The Animal SpiritMonkey's Agility
The Heart of the FreljordConcussive Blows
The Undead ChampionFeel No Pain
The Eternal NightmareUmbra Blades
The Piltolver EnforcerBlast Shield
The GravediggerUnholy Covenant
The Void BurrowerFury of Xer'Sai
The Exemplar of DemaciaMartial Cadence
The Burning VengeanceBlaze
The Harbinger of DoomDread
The Barbarian KingBattle Fury
The Spider QueenSpider Swarm
The Daring BombardierHextech Shrapnel Shells
The Tidal TricksterNimble Fighter
The Shadow of WarWarpath
The Eye of the VoidOrganic Deconstruction
The Rogue MageArcane Mastery
TitleCharacterPassive Ability
The Plague RatDeadly Venom
Shard of the MonolithGranite Shield
The Lady of ClockworkClockwork Windup
The River KingAn Acquired Taste
The Storm's FuryTailwind
Eye of TwilightKi Strike
The Frost ArcherFocus
The Eternal HuntersMark of the Kindred
The Might of DemaciaPerseverance
Scorn of the MoonMoonsilver Blade
The Blind MonkFlurry
The Ice WitchIceborn
The Fallen AngelSoul Siphon
The Artisan of WarAegis Protection
The Half-DragonFury of the Dragonborn
The Blood HunterEternal Thirst
The Boy Who Shattered TimeZ-Drive Resonance
The Monkey KingStone Skin
The Hexplosive ExpertShort Fuse
The Hand of NoxusHemorrhage
The OutlawTrue Grit
The Kraken PrincessProphet of an Elder God
The Sinister BladeVoracity
The PridestalkerUnseen Predator
The Will of BladesIonian Fervor
The Crystal VanguardEnergize
The Crimson ReaperCrimson Pact
The VirtuosoWhisper
The Bounty HunterStrut
The Fist of ShadowTwin Disciplines
Grandmaster at ArmsRelentless Assault
The Mechanized MenaceJunkyard Titan
The Gem KnightGemcraft
The Prophet of the VoidSummon Voidling
The Grand DuelistDuelist
The Revered InventorTechmaturgical Repair Bots
The Headsman's PrideZaun-Touched Bolt Augmenter
The Seneschal of DemaciaChallenge
The DeceiverMirror Image
The Curator of the SandsSoul Eater
The Radiant DawnSunlight
The Rabble RouserHappy Hour
The MinotaurTrample
TitleCharacterPassive Ability
The Great Steam GolemMana Barrier
Rise of the ThornsRise of the Thorns
The Troll KingKing's Tribute
The Defender of TomorrowHextech Capacitor
The Dark ChildPyromania
The Sentinel's SorrowRunic Skin
The JudicatorHoly Fervor
The VoidreaverUnseen Threat
The WidowmakerShadow Walk
The Dark SovereignTranscendent
The StarchildConsecration
The Darkin BladeBlood Well
Maven of the StringsPower Chord
The ExileRunic Blade
The Prodigal ExplorerRising Spell Force
The Sad MummyCursed Touch
The Machine HeraldEvolving Technology
The BerserkerBerserker Rage
The Thunder's RoarChosen of the Storm
The UnforgivenWay of the Wanderer
The Battle MistressFleet of Foot
The Yeti RiderVisionary
The Fae SorceressPix, Faerie Companion
The Winter's WrathFrost
The Tiny Master of EvilEquilibrium
The Sheriff of PiltoverHeadshot
The Missing LinkRage Gene
The Mad ScientistEmpowered Bulwark
The Twisted TreantSap Magic
The Heart of the TempestMark of the Storm
The ChronokeeperHeightened Learning
Demacia's WingsHarrier
The Megling GunnerDraw a Bead
The TidecallerSurging Tides
The Night HunterNight Hunter
The Wuju BladesmanDouble Strike
The Emperor of the SandsShurima's Legacy
The Master of MetalIron Man
The Titan of the DepthsStaggering Blow
The Saltwater ScourgeGrog-Soaked Blade
The CryophoenixRebirth
The Madman of ZaunAdrenaline Rush
The Blade's ShadowMercy

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