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Former president, current chairman of Anheuser-Busch
First Irish-Catholic Mayor of Boston, grandfather of John, Robert, and Edward
3-time Pro Bowl Seahawks QB
Famed late-night sidekick, TV personality
1968-84: 4th BC mayor of Boston, longest-serving at the time
Director of The Station Agent and 2009 Oscar-nominated The Visitor
Lead Singer, The Hold Steady
NY Giants DE, grandson of first Prime Minister of Uganda
1935-37: 1 of 5 BC Governors of MA, spend five months of his term in prison
Linebacker and sometimes actor, won 4 Superbowls, shares nickname with Dallas QB
Colorful head coach of Tennessee men's basketball
3-time Pro Bowl Packers TE, scored in two Super Bowls
Current starting international and Sochaux striker
2008 Offensive ROY, Atlanta Falcons
Correspondent on G4's Attack of the Show!
Emmy-winner on The View, wife of Tim
Actor, played Robin in two Batman films
Ghanaian-American WWE Star
CFL star, second all-time in receptions
Winner of Conn Smythe Trophy, Norris Trophy (x2) with Rangers
Devils single-season scoring record (48), NHL's shortest player
1984 Heisman Trophy winner, 21 years pro
Cowboys O-Tackle and Free Reign guitarist
HOF forward won 3 Stanley Cups with Calgary and Pittsburgh in 17 seasons
1977-87: Speaker of the House, 'All politics is local'
1940's: first and only Catholic priest to serve in US Congress
Actress, The Office, Daily Show, wife of Steve
Former AP sportswriter of the year, frequent contributer on Around the Horn and PTI
Host, TLC's What Not to Wear
SNL, Parks and Recreation star
Senator, 2004 Democratic presidential candidate
Famously recurring Tom Clancy character

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