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Who's Ally's crush?
What is the name of Dez's movie?
What is Ally's pet's name?
What did Ally write a song about in kindergarten?
When Austin, Trish and Ally get stuck in the ice cream freezer, what is the rule?
What is the name of the store that Ally works in?
What was the last present that Dez broke at Trish's party?
What did Trish put on top of Austin's french fries?
What is the name of the little boy who Ally teaches piano to?
What picture was on the fridge that Dez thought was cute?
What candy did Austin eat in Zaliens and Cloud Watchers?
When was Austin and Ally released?
When Dez and Austin were showing Ally and Trish what Austin merchandise they had, what did they pull out of the closet?
Where did Ally's crush work?
What is the name of the ice cream store Trish worked at?
Why did Dez get a trophy?
What is Austin's fear?
Where was Austin hiding to catch the theif?
What is the name of the teenage girl Dez hires to be in the movie he is directing?
What is Trish's brother's name?
What kind of pajama's was Trish wearing in Songwriters and Starfish?
What's the name of the girl Austin has a crush on?
What does Ally ask Dallas to do when she realize he is terrible at the job?
Ally's idea to have a sale on all instruments that start with what letter?
What was Trish's first job?
What was Austin's entrance suppost to be at Trish's party?
What was the name of the pepper that Dez gave Austin?
What kind of pet does Ally have?
What is Ally's rule in the store?
Who signed the guitar that Austin stole?
What is Ally's last name?
What color laptop does Ally have?
What is Mrs. Suzy's nickname for Ally?
What happed to be in Austin's teeth in the embarrissing picture?
What is the club owners name?
What is Ally's dad's name?
Why was The club owner late to Trish's party?
In Tickets and Trashbags, Austin had two different color shoes on. What colors were they?
What is the username of the girl who is posting embarrassing pics of Austin?
Who is the famous manager in Managers and Meatballs?

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