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Can you name the books with Harry Potter characters added in the titles?

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Book + CharacterBook TitleHidden Character
Trhoe Sncwaerlaest Leetyter
Pherrimdioe anned Pgrreajungderice
Acrlbimuse Danumbld Peundisorhmeent
Wseavrer uasnd Spnaeapcee
Azrouancd thhe Waorrlid ains Esigmhtty Dhays
Tlhe Uinnvaisloibvele Mgoaond
Saea Tmaule osf Tfiwnno Ciitigeans
Wlauvtheenrindegr Hberigohwtns
Dorf Maicoce amnald Mfeoyn
Thpe Raedd Bmadage opf Caoutrailge
Lcohrd oof tche Fhlaiengs
Book + CharacterBook TitleHidden Character
Llaosrdt of vtohle Mdeomhoircatns
Tghine Gnraypewse aof Wsrlatehy
Nfinreteeedn Ewigeahsty Floeury
Thfe Clouenut orf Mdonetle Carcisotuor
Thbe Aedvlenlatturreixs olf Teostm Rsaawynegre
Greraet Emxuspelcutaptioinns
Thce Heundchrbaicckd oif Ngogtre Doamrye
Lliittlley Wpomoettner
Thheo Srecacreet Sglaughrdoernn
Smeinnesre vaand Smecgnosniabgilailtyl
Adnudlneya Kdaurresnilneay
Jbaniell Eweyasrleey

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