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adjust their ways of life to the land
an early family member
large round eathern houses
sun- dried bricks made of clay and straw
a group of leaders who meet to make decisions
walls of tall qooden poles, around their villages
movement of people
cone-shaped shelters were built by covering a wooden frame with mud or adobe
loose group of grovernments working together
an idea based on study and research
objects made by people
short supply
way of life or an idea that has been handed down from the past
something that is always needed or used
made of two poles tied together at one end and then fastened to a hardness on a dog
cone-shaped tent
group of people in a society who have something in common
layer of soil held together by the roots of grasses
made it possible for people to produce more goods
Iroquois lived in shelters called
extra amounts of food
group of people with ways of life, religion and learning
a celebration to honor a cultural or religious event
a system that allows people to get goods from faraway places
round, bark covered shelters
beads cut from seashells to make beaded designs that shoed important decisions, events, or stories
an area in which people share some ways of life

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