Harry Potter Family Relations

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Can you name the Family Relations Of The Harry Potter Series?

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Father of Draco
Son of James
Uncle of Harry
Aunt of Susan
Son of Fridwulfa
Mother of Rose
Sister of Petunia
Brother of Molly
Husband of Hermione
Mother of Tom
Brother of Cadmus
Nephew of Bathilda
Mother of Albus
Wife of Remus
Son of Amos
Husband of Angelina
Sister of Vernon
Son of Draco
Mother of Nymphadora
Grandson of Augusta
Sister of Narcissa
Brother of Dennis
Mother of Maise
Husband of Perenelle
Daughter of Xenophilius
Sister of Parvati
Wife of Rodolphus
Mother of Helena
Wife of Tobias
Great, Great Grandaughter of Cassandra
Son of Remus
Mother of Victiore
Mother of Fleur
Great, Great Grandson of Phineas
Husband of Monica
Godfather of Teddy
Sister of Aberforth
Husband of Mosag
Husband of Mary

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