British TV Shows From the Characters

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Can you name the British TV Shows From the Characters?

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CharactersTV Show
Queenie, Lord Melchett, Percy
Tim, Daisy, Marsha
Holly, Cat, Lister
Jeremy, Mark, Superhands
Susan, Patrick, Jane
Fran, Manny, Bernard
Geraldine, Hugo, Alice
Tony, Gary, Dorothy
Mac, Boyce, Martin
Barbara, Denise, Dave
CharactersTV Show
Rick, Vyvyan, Mike
Captain Peacock, Mrs Slocombe, Mr Humphries
Rodney, Delboy, Trigger
Sam Tyler, Gene Hunt, Annie Cartwright
Tim, Gareth, Dawn
Captain Mainwaring, Sergeant Wilson, Private Pike
Moss, Jen, Roy
Jonathan, Maddie, Adam Klaus
Will, Simon, Neil
Ford, Arthur, Trillian

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