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Potos VillageMain character
Potos VillageHero's friend
Potos VillageHero's friend
Potos VillageGhost of Hero's father
Water PalaceKeeper of the Water Palace
PandoraMain character
PandoraGirl's friend
PandoraGirl's boyfriend
Gaia's NavelMain character
Witch's CastleThe witch
Wind PalaceSprite's grandfather
MatangoRuler of Matango
MatangoWhite dragon
Royal SandshipSandship commander
Royal SandshipGrandson of commander
Royal SandshipPirate of the 8 Seas
Moon PalaceFerryman
Ice Country...the red nosed reindeer
Ice CountryJolly Old St. Nick
SouthtownGives Resistance password and Gold Tower Key
Northtown18 year old leader of the Resistance
LighthouseCaretaker of the lighthouse
Lofty MountainsGives advice on where to go
The EmpireMain antagonist
The EmpireRuler of the Empire
The EmpireLieutenant/bodyguard
The EmpireLieutenant/bodyguard
The EmpireLieutenant/bodyguard
VariousFeline salesman
VariousProvides unique transportation
Water PalaceElemental
Underground PalaceElemental
Wind PalaceElemental
Ice CountryElemental
Dark PalaceElemental
Moon PalaceElemental
Light PalaceElemental
Sunken IsleElemental

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