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When it split from the Soviet Union in 1991, this is the only doubly landlocked country in the Asia.
Angkor Wat was built in this country in the 12th century.
Singapore became independent from this country in 1965.
In 1989, this country officially changed its name to the Republic of the Union Myanmar.
This country is believed to have been the home to the world's earliest civilization.
According to Judeo-Christian tradition, this country was where Noah landed his ark.
This country is the birthplace of Osama bin Laden.
The 'Java Man' was discovered in this country in 1891.
The Rose Revolution in 2003 introduced new economic and democratic reforms in this country.
This country disspelled the Lhotshampas, an ethnic minority, in the 1990's to preserve their Tibetan Mahayana Buddhist culture.
The Byzantine Empire's capital is in this modern day
The communist South reunited with the North in 1990 forming this country.
In 1975, this country claimed its independence; however, Indonesia declared this country its 27th province and kept it under its control until Indonesia relinquished it in 2000.
This country went through the Warring States Period between 476 and 221 B.C.
The Dhofar Rebellion took place in this country.
Formally split into north and south, this country unified in 1976.
This country was the homeland of Tem├╝jin.
This country is home to the ancient Phoenician city of Tyre.
This country split from India in 1947 to form a country with a Muslim majority.
Iran passed a bill in 1957 claiming this country its 14th province.
Almost integrated into the United Arab Emirates, this country became independent in 1971.
This country defeated the Mongol fleets in 1274.
The historical city of Petra is located in this country.
The Soviet Union entered this country in 1979 but was expelled in 1989.

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