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Assistant Manager
Manchester City 
Manchester United 
Predecessor to Current Manager
Aston Villa (2003-06) 
Blackburn Rovers (2008) 
Fulham (2007) 
Tottenham (2007-08) 
West Ham United (2006-08) 
...and his Predecessor
Aston Villa (2002-03) 
Blackburn Rovers (2004-08) 
Fulham (2003-07) 
Tottenham (2004-07) 
West Ham United (2003-06) 
Premiership Firsts...
Hat-trick scorer (1992-93, Leeds Utd* vs. Tottenham) 
Goal-scoring keeper (2002-03, Everton vs. Aston Villa*) 
To score 5 goals in a match (1994-95, Man Utd* vs. Ipswich) 
Finnish player (Chelsea 1998-03, Birmingham 2003-08) 
Foreign manager (1993-94, Tottenham) 
Goal difference (-69, 2007-08) 
Consecutive losses (15, 2002-03) 
Yellow cards for a player (92, Leeds, West Ham, Newcastle, Birmingham*) 
Most Premiership losses in total for a team (260) 
Most Premiership red cards in total for a team (68) 
and Bests
Goal difference (58, 2007-08) 
Fewest goals conceded in a season (15, 2004-05) 
Fewest failures to score in a season (0, 2001-02) 
Longest range goal scorer (88m, Tottenham* vs. Watford) 
Consecutive appearances by a player (215, Blackburn, Aston Villa*) 
Dutch Player Most Appearances
373 (Coventry, Villa, Middlesbrough, Hull*) 
315 (Arsenal) 
288 (Leeds, Chelsea, Middlesbrough) 
275 (Chelsea, Birmingham, Wigan*) 
270 (Fulham, Manchester United*) 
Played for 5 or more Premiership Clubs
Striker (QPR, Newcastle, Tottenham, West Ham, Leicester, Bolton) 
Striker (Leicester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Wigan, Aston Villa*) 
Striker (Arsenal, Liverpool, Man City, Bolton, Chelsea*) 
Defender (Everton, West Ham, Portsmouth, Sheffield Utd, Wigan) 
Goalkeeper (Liverpool, Aston Villa, West Ham, Man City, Portsmouth*) 
PFA Young Player of the Year
1999-2000 (Leeds) 
2001-02 (Newcastle) 
2002-03 (Newcastle) 
2003-04 (Charlton Athletic/Chelsea) 
2008-09 (Aston Villa) 

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