Word Ladder: Quidditch

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Updated May 6, 2014

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Hint4-Letter WordRung
• What one does with the snitch •1
To ooze through something2
• What one does to the hoops •3
A part of a boat4
Back of the foot5
• Madame Pomfrey does this •6
Opposite of coolness7
• What one does with the bludgers •8
A reddish root vegetable9
Where one finds toes10
Pool table covering11
Pants supporter12
• Chaser for Gryffindor; Katie _____•13
• Quaffle, snitch, or bludger, e.g. •14
Cotton plant seed holder15
• Harry's broom with [rung 26] •16
Hint4-Letter WordRung
Italy's supposed shape17
• Sound Hedwig makes •18
• Where you score with the quaffle •19
A circle or ring20
To direct your eyes in a specific direction21
• Alohomora opens this •22
A way of eating ice cream23
Parasites found on heads24
Former money from Italy25
• Harry's broom with [rung 16] •26
• This is paid to ride the Knight Bus •27
• This could be sold in Diagon Alley •28
• What Harry did with his uniform •29
Something that can be said30
• Captain of the Gryffindor team; Oliver _____•31

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