Transformers Prime characters

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Can you name the Transformers Prime characters ?

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the hintsthe transformersextra info
autobot leaderautobot
medical transformerautobot
scout transformerautobot
large clumsy transformerautobot (wrecker)
female transformerautobot
zombiefied transformersautobot
transformer who wanders spaceautobot (wrecker)
transformer who died and was only seen on the tv show in a flashbackautobot
decepticon leaderdecepticon
second in command who wants to leaddecepticon
silent transformerdecepticon
transformer who cares about his paintdecepticon
the hintsthe transformersextra info
one eyed transformer who often says 'hammer time.'decepticon
female spider transformerdecepticon
large green zombified transformerdecepticon
transformer who morphs into another transformerdecepticon
tall boyhuman
short smart boyhuman
good agenthuman
large evil monster transformerhuge,very huge
vermins that eat metalonly in one episode
the creator of the first 11 primes and the core of cybertronhuge majestic but huge

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