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Lyric Missing word(s)Hint
Has he lost his 1 word, another name for concious
Can he see or is he 1 word, cant see anymore
Can he walk at 1 word
Or if he moves will he 1 word, another name for autumn
is he alive or 1 word, opposite of living
Has he thoughts within his1 word, another name for skull
Well just pass him 1 word
Why do we even 1 word, definition is 'personal interest, concern'
He has turned to 1 word, type of building material
In the great 2 words, a type of field
Where he traveled1 word, something man kind invented
For the future of2 words, another name for human kind
Nobody wants 1 word,
He just stares at the 1 word, another name for the earth
Lyric Missing word(s)Hint
Planning his 1 word, definition 'retaliation for anothers act'
That he will soon 1 word, definiton 'to spread out'
Now the time is 1 word
For Iron man to spread his 1 word, definition 'to be scared of something or someone'
Vengeance from the 1 word, where a tombstone is placed
Kills the people he once1 word, another word for rescue
Nobody wants 1 word
They just turn their 1 word, another name for skulls
Nobody helps 1 word
Now he has his1 word, to get back at somebody
Heavy boots made of 1 word, type of element (Pb)
Fills his victums full of 1 word, definition 'to fear greatly'
Running as fast as they 1 word, Tin _____
Iron Man lives 1 word, 'do over'

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