U.S. Presidents by Achievement

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Infamous for his cruel Indian Removal Act
Began the Era of Good Feelings
Known for his Square Deal
Didn't aid victims of the Great Mississippi Flood
Known for his Emancipation Proclamation
Began Vietnamization
Pardoned Nixon for the Watergate scandal
Our current president
Authorized the Gadsen Purchase
Refused to join League of Nations
President when Confederacy formed
Began the Iraq War
Settled the boundary disputed between Maine and Canada
Created the New Deal
Approved the Sherman Anti-Trust Act
Gave the Panama Canal back to Panamanians
His Bay of Pigs invasion was a disaster
Won election with the help of the Mugwumps
Passed the Pendleton Civil Service Act
Ended the Cold War
Known for his 14 Point Plan
Gained the Mexican Cession and joint ownership over Oregon
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Passed the 13th and 14th Amendments
Hated for his Gulf of Tonkin Resolution
Known for his 'corrupt bargain' by appointing Henry Clay as Secretary of State
With Jackson, encouraged the two party system
Set the precedent for future presidents, claimed not to belong to a party
Created NATO
Attacked Barbary pirates
Created the Smoot-Hawley Tariff
Supported supply-side economics and increased defense spending
President under the Spanish-American War
Signed the Great Compromise by Henry Clay and Stephen Douglas
President under the Suez Canal Crisis
Known for his corruption and scandals coined as [President]-ism
Election marked the end of Reconstruction
His foreign policy was called Dollar Diplomacy
Created NAFTA
Supported popular sovereignty to avoid the topic of slavery
Passed the Alien and Sedition Acts
First Whig President to be elected
President during the War of 1812
First to be assassinated in the Gilded Age

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