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Can you name the Discworld characters using the given hints?

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Death's Horse
A rare dwarf 'she'
'Millennium Hand and Shrimp!'
Technically human...
The 'nose-iest' copper around...
Death's grand-daughter
Definitely not a talking dog. Because dogs don't talk. Duh. What are you, stupid?
Takes dried frog pills to keep him sane. Well, I SAY 'sane,' but...
The fifth horseman of the apocalypse. Runs a dairy.
Responsible for actually doing work at Unseen University
Perhaps history's most caring and benevolent tyrant. Definitely its classiest one.
Uses a siege crossbow as a hand weapon
Death's apprentice
And why SHOULDN'T an orangutan be on staff at a university?
Death's butler
What, you don't ___ing remember THIS ___ing character?
A 6-foot 6-inch tall dwarf
Death's daughter
A revolutionary before he died. Now he's a promoter of differently alive people's rights and works for the watch.
A world champion at running away
With a name like that, no wonder he started Discworlds first newspaper
Arche-swindler turned public servant
The Disc's foremost entrepreneur, makes sausages out of...meat

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