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Published anonymously. The titular character pursues 'The Angler,' who has kidnapped Ellen. He refuses her marriage at the end of the novel.
Sequel to Tanglewood in novel form, it retells Greek myths for children.
The titular character takes a journey at night where he witnesses a forest ritual that corrupts his view of Christianity.
A man searches for the unforgivable sin and commits suicide by catching himself on fire
Composed mostly of allegories that analyze the darker aspects of human nature
A scientist and his wife possess nearly flawless beauty
Donatello amazingly resembles the titular object of Praxiteles, and the novel's characters’ belief that the Count may be a descendant of it.
Phoebe Pyncheon romance w/ Holgrave/ The Pyncheon family lives on cursed estate/ The curse is broken after the judge who is attempting to steal their land dies
Hester Prynne commits adultery and is exiled from society. She is forced to wear the titular item upon her breast, while her lover, Mr. Dimmesdale, dies of guilt.
The title of this short story collection was based on a line from William Shakespeare's The Life and Death of King John.
A re-writing of well-known Greek myths in a volume for children
Miles Coverdale goes on a quest to better the world through the agrarian lifestyle and community of the titular farm/ Falls in love with Priscilla who is murdered

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