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Shared name...Child actor Danny ___, Joeseph Turkel played ____ the bartender
The room that holds terror for Jack and Danny had its number change from 217 in the book to what # in the movie?
How was the ghost that Phillip Stone played, employed by the hotel?
They did 3 takes of the blood spilling out of the hotel _____?
Kubrick didn't use the book's hedge animals, changing them into a hedge what?
The idea for Danny Lloyd to move his ____ when he was talking as Tony was his own; he did it spontaneously during his very first audition.
Stehen King wanted this star of Deliverance, not Nicholson to play Jack Torrance
Who is the only actor/actress playing a member of the Torrance family whose character name is not the same as his/her real life name
Of the 11 title cards, the one that falls between 'The Interview' and 'One Month Later' is? (2 words)
What recently invented camera stabilizer was used throughout The Shining, most famously in the big wheel scenes.
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Who is Kubrick describing..'His work is always interesting, clearly conceived, and has the X-Factor, magic.'
While exploring the maze with Danny, Wendy references Hansel and gretel by saying they should leave what along the way?.
While talking to himself Jack says he'll give his soul for a ___? (3 words)
Jack quotes what children's story before he axes the front door of the apartment. (3 words)
In the opening sequence jack is driving a volkswagon Beetle colored?
Who won the Saturn award (Sci-Fi) for best supporting actor?
Instead of writing Redrum on the door Milhouse writes Trab pu kcip which translates to?
How would you like some ___ doc?
In a Shining reference, who bursts through the door and yells 'Here's Daddy!' in Problem Child
'Some places are like people, some ___ and some don't.'

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