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I made a happy valley and a sun out of cereal, eggs and coffee grounds.Season 3
I deep fried a steak.Season 6
Padma spit out my lemon meringue martini.Season 5
I made a Smurf village out of mushrooms.Season 2
I didn't understand how long it takes to make a creme brule.Season 5
I made a dish Tom still says was one of the worst on the show---coconut and warm clamsSeason 2
I was kicked off twice. Once for almonds and once for potato pancakes.Season 1
My broccollini was said to be the worst dish in Top Chef history.Season 3
My donut was thrown across the room by Wolfgang Puck.Season 6
I flambeed with red wine. Didn't work.Season 2
I made two dishes instead of three, in the finale!Season 1
I convinced a finalist to make a souffle.Season 5
My butterscotch scallops really confused Anthony Bourdain. And he's eaten boar poop.Season 4
My mushroom duxelle looked like dog diarrhea.Season 3
I combined peanut butter and tomatoes on a couscous and yet still became Top Chef.Season 4
I put a Cheeto in a Snickers.Season 2
I forgot the jicama.Season 1
I froze the tri-color pasta with the sauce even though my partner said not to. Then I cried.Season 3
My upside down pineapple cake was called 'absolutely dreadful.'Season 3
My watermelon and blue cheese desert made Gail Simmons nauseous.Season 2

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