Doctor Who Special: Voyage of the Damned

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Can you name the trivia from Voyage of the Damned?

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What was the name of Astrid's planet? 
What was the name of the Zocci cyborg? (have a guess how to spell it!)  
According to Mr Copper, what country does the UK go to war with at Christmas? 
What did Astrid use to push Max into the engine with? 
What was the name of Morvin Van Hoff's wife? 
How old did the Doctor say he was? 
What was the code to temporarily disable the Host to ask them 3 questions? 
Who did the Doctor and Astrid meet in a newspaper stand on Earth? 
What planet was Max planning to go when he retired? 
What was the full name of the midshipman? 
Who wrote the episode? 

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