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'Not Excalibur? Blizzard? Bikini Cops? Torchwood. Oh dear.' 
'I'm not gonna hurt ya. I'm gonna bloody kill ya!' 
'We are going to find Jack, and we are going to punish John.' 
'You think you know someone, then you see them for real and they're bastard little kids!' 
'Well, red is my colour.' 
'My own recipe with a touch of denial and a dash of retcon.'  
'Would you die for me?' 
'I'm the last thing left of Gwen Cooper, can't you see it? Just the smallest bit of her?' 
'I'm running around in a wedding dress with what feels like a keg of lager stuck up my skirt.' 
'You were the one who wanted her caught. How come suddenly she's your best friend?' 
'By the way. Love the coat.' 
'I better get a bigger turkey!' 
'What's your mate Mulder doing there?' 
'Then we are not compatible.'  
'By the way. Love the suit.' 

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