Megaman x's maverick weapons (1-6)

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Can you name the Megaman x weapons?

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WeaponMaverick nameGame
Shotgun Ice
Ground Hunter
Silk Shot
Magma Blade
Rolling Shield
Firefly Laser
Gravity Well
Ray Splasher
Fire Wave
Meteor Rain
Spin Wheel
Twin Slasher
Metal Anchor
Storm Tornado
Magnet Mine
Crescent Shot
WeaponMaverick nameGame
Spike Ball
Frost Shield
Yammar Option
Electric Spark
Speed Burner
Lightning Web
Soul Body
Wing Spiral
Ground Dash
Acid Burst
Ice Burst
Crystal Hunter
Ground Fire
Boomerang Cutter
Horming Torpedo
Bubble Splash
WeaponMaverick nameGame
Ray Arrow
Tornado Fang
Double Cyclone
Triad Thunder
Dark Hold
Sonic Slicer
Guard Shell
Aiming Laser
Spinning Blade
Strike Chain
Chameleon Sting
Parasitic Bomb
Goo Shaver
Rising Fire
Frost Tower

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