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Lady Tremaine, Fairy Godmother
Milo James Thatch, Princess Kidagakash
Andy, Bo Peep, Rex
Tiana, Prince Naveen
Sulley, Boo
Mushu, Captain Li Shang
Eve, Captain B. McCrea
Pongo, Cruella De Vil
Belle, Mrs Potts
Darling, Trusty
Miss Bianca, Bernard
Princess Aurora, Flora, Fauna
John Smith, Meeko
Sebastian, Ursula
Bruce, Bubbles
Geppetto, Jiminy Cricket
Maid Marian, Prince John
Doc, Dopey
Hades, Hera
Esmeralda, Quasimodo
Duchess, Edgar
Penny, Mittens
Pacha, Yzma
Abu, Iago
Elastigirl, Jack Jack
Br'er Rabbit, Br'er Bear
Timothy, Mrs. Jumbo
Simba, Pumbaa
Wendy, Captain Hook
Baloo, Mowgli
Remy, Alfredo Linguini
Arthur, Merlin
Thumper, Flower
Flik, Hopper, Dot
Lightning McQueen, Mater

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