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Can you name the character in Bungie's Halo : Reach??

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Scraficed himself to destroy the Super Carrier
'Reach has been good to me, time to return the favor' 
The only female SPARTAN II in the game
Expert with Technology 
The SPARTAN II you control
'That Lone Wolf stuff stays behind' 
The 'Mother' to te SPARTANS
'I should throw you in the brig!' 
Drew the fire of a Banshee squad so the remaining Noble team can get the package to the Pillar of Autumn
'You two go, I'll draw their fire.' 
Killed while destroying a fleet of Covenant ships from a MAC gun
Captain of the Pillar of Autumn
'Thank you SPARTAN' 
The AI that gives the SPARTANS their coordinates and information
'New Cooridnates from a AI with a Security Clearence much higher than mine' 
'The Package' A Smart AI that you must deliver to the Autumn
'I do know how to pick 'em' 

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