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Can you name the biblical figure who would be a guest on a talk show episode with this topic?

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Topic of EpisodeGuestBook Story Appears In
My daughters forced me to commit incest with them!Genesis
Surprise! I'm not a prostitute; I'm your daughter-in-law!Genesis
You call me bald? I call down bears!2 Kings
My codependent daughter-in-law keeps following me!Ruth
I didn't help my drunk, passed-out, naked dad, so he cursed me!Genesis
My daughter ran out to meet I had to kill her!Judges
My baby-daddy had my husband killed!2 Samuel
My girlfriend gave me a bad haircut and it ruined my life!Judges
My wife's bad food choices got us kicked out of our home!Genesis
Mom always loved my brother best...and they stole what should be mine!Genesis

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