Call Of Duty Black Ops Guns

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Can you name the Call Of Duty Black Ops Guns?

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Gun TypeNameLevel Unlocked
Sub Machine GunLvl 1
Sub Machine GunLvl 7
Sub Machine GunLvl 11
Sub Machine GunLvl 17
Sub Machine GunLvl 23
Sub Machine GunLvl 29
Sub Machine GunLvl 35
Sub Machine GunLvl 41
Sub Machine GunClassified
Assault RifleLvl 1
Assault RifleLvl 5
Assault RifleLvl 9
Assault RifleLvl 14
Assault RifleLvl 20
Assault RifleLvl 26
Assault RifleLvl 32
Gun TypeNameLevel Unlocked
Assault RifleLvl 38
Assault RifleLvl 44
Assault RifleClassified
ShotgunLvl 1
ShotgunLvl 8
ShotgunLvl 24
Light Machine GunLvl 1
Light Machine GunLvl 6
Light Machine GunLvl 21
Light Machine GunClassified
Sniper RifleLvl 1
Sniper RifleLvl
Sniper RifleLvl 27
Sniper RifleClassified

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