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DescriptionAlbum NameArtist
A monk burns himself in front of a car in Saigon.
Satan is being controlled by Eddie the Head, also known as the band's mascot.
Iggy with a microphone.
A person is buried in the ground with only their head sticking out (above the maggots).
A black and white image of a guy with a guitar leaning against a saxophonist.
A ray of light passes through a prism, splitting into the colours of the rainbow.
A high school bear mascot sitting on the gym benches, looking quite sad.
A photo of Ludlow Street in Manhattan, popularizing a certain boutique...
DescriptionAlbum NameArtist
A white background with the album name faintly printed. That's it.
A black background with the album name faintly printed. That's it.
Band mascot Vic Rattlehead poses with an alien and the leaders of the five major world powers.
A red rose with 7 red-and-white leaves against a black background.
A man stares up at the sky, surrounded by 'humanless' shadows.
A distorted photo of the band above a black and white upside-down burning forest.
This album cover is worthy of 'Bohemian Rhapsody', but it's not 'A Night at the Opera'...

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