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Her mother is Hera and by the time she was four, she could lift a tree
She freezes like a nice cube and is the best friend of Fire
She is like a burning candle and she is the best friend of Ice
He lives in the ocean as the king of the sea
He shoots rockets all over in his astronaut suit
She can soar through the sky a hawk
He flys around in a golden suit with a little rocket named Buzz
His girl friend and himself can soar through the sky together and fly from earth to their home planet
She can become any animal when she needs to and uses its powers for justice
She is most attractive to Green Arrow and uses her screech to fight
He rather questions everything in life rather than trying to just live through it
He is Supergirl's best friend who is completely metal
He can hit a bullseye a 100 miles away
He can turn small and big any time he wants with his handy dandy belt
He can transform into anything a fly right through things
He is a fighter who works in a cat suit
Why that cowboy takes out his pistols and shoots on a rampage
She takes her arrow and shoots on her mother cycle possibly riding with her boyfriend question
He is by far the greatest dark knight and caped crusader
He has one piece of jewelry he can do almost anything with
He can move so fast you won't even know he's there
He is the man of steel and fought doomsday.
A man who can teleport in the future just by the sign of the cross
Her cousin is Superman and she is only a bit stubborn
She is another fan of the bats but she is much younger

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