Colors Good Enough to Eat

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Can you name the edibles that are also hues?

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Popular appliance color in the 1960s (7)
Pucker producer, or bucket of bolts (5)
You can find it in a snap (6)
Sorbet flavor or Bronx cheer (9)
Marzipan nut or biscotti bit (6)
Symbolic lure; snowman's nose, maybe (6)
'Do I dare to eat a ___?': Eliot (5)
Starts with 4/5 of a month, ends with a folding bed (7)
The body's largest gland (5)
Old or stale gag everyone's heard (8)
In the U.S., it's half of half-and-half (5)
Poet's least favorite fruit? (6)
Heckler's weapon, or burger topper (6)
Bun spice (8)
'Clue' suspect; slot-machine fruit (4)
Speared veggie is a Crayola color (9)
Item on a toothpick; Greek salad morsel

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