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Can you name the Can you name the Yugioh abridged characters to their quotes/hints.?

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Quote or HintCharacter
in case you hadn't already guessed, this episode is a parody of the Saw franchise!
Is that what baby wants? Cruelty and restraint? Yes it is.
Even Chad from accounting?
You're asking me to buy the company from you for 10 times the amount it's actually worth!
Are you actually going to do something? Your mother!
Bugs are cool.
Ask yourself, what would Christian Bale do?
Super Special Awesome!
I wet my self.
Oh no, not the yellow squiggly lines!
My hair lets me defy gravity!
Just because I have a gaydar, you automatically think I'm gay, bloody tart!
You must be here to by pornographic comic books disguised as graphic novels.
I was too busy destroying the world.
Have you seen my big brother Edward?
Did somebody say intrusive sub-plot?
I'm putting you on trial Joseph.
You see this riceball, well now it's a burger, and now it's a cheeseburger.
But, why?
What's wrong _____ _________Sorry to bother you Serenity.
Quote or HintCharacter
Brooklyn rage!
And so the penguin struggles on through unbarable weather conditions.
And ze dirt will become like ze Jew.
Honestly **** biscuit. The world doesn't revolve around your boobs.
I've got to go sandpaper my throat
He is... evil... he's so... evil... he once killed... a puppy... it was cute!
My breasts are not fake!
Against our gate gaurdian you stand no chance, I'm not wearing any underpants
My dinosaurs horny.
I summon the unstoppable force that is the... GUMMY BEARS!
In America!
Heeeeeey... oh that's ____ the gay octopus.
Hail Kaiba!
Friendship is the only cure for a lightning bolt to the face.
The most evil Steve in all of Stevedom.
I am NOT a freaky fish guy!
I'm not sure what I believe in.
I look damn good in a tutu!
Referring to myself in the 3rd person makes me a bad guy.
Well Seto, your song parody has not fallen on deaf ears.
Quote or HintCharacter
To protect the world from Japanimation
I'm afraid I've never met the gentleman in question.
Ice cube fetish.
Attention duelists, my mullet is going to give you such a spanking.
Look at this card Solomon, see how it barely resembles these ancient heiroglyphs.
Screw the rules, I have green hair!
I thought disguising myself as a bee would help me to win.
Stalemates are very exciting.
Beacuse, Shut up.
To the ______-mobile!
Wah, wah! ____ _______ want nipple!
What theme music?
Your mother plays card games in hell
It's no use Joey Wheeler! I can predict every card that you play!
The voices in my head told me so! Isn't that right teddy?
Darling _______. I still remember the first day we met.
The rocket powered fist!
______ give shares to Seto!
We are the elite group known as the rare hunters.

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