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Leader of Scotland Yard.
Alois' true identity.
Transexual grim reaper.
Hermaphrodite angel.
The three servants, subordinates of Hanna.
Demon Butler, Contracted to the Earl.
Shinigami management.
Alois' Butler
Laus trusty girlfriend.
Princes aid/servant.
Legendary Shinigami.
Reaper with a lawnmower.
Head of the household. The Earl is young.
Daughter of the Marquis of Scotland.
The monarch.
Gardener with super strength.
Jack the ripper.
Little brother. Contracted with Hanna.
Inspector, died by being stabbed witha cutlass.
Missing eye.
Ran out of steam.
Ditsy maid.
Deranged young boy, Not his true identity
Chinese noble.
The Earls fiancees maid.

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