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Come enjoy a natural wonderland, to which the world's finest resort facilities, a spectacular amusement park, and succulent seafood have all been added.
A simple airstrip built on small islets in the waters near the island. Access to the mainland is via small boats.
Tourists get off the ferries here, in the largest city on the island. Attractions include the Shine Gate and Grand Pianta Statue.
This lush community of villas is located at the foot of the island's volcanic hotspring. Its famous windmills spin peacefully in the gentle sea breezes.
The island's port city is home to boats of all sizes and a thriving tourist trade. The fish market has the freshest seafood for miles around.
The isle's largest beach sprawls under perfect blue skies. Have a swim, enjoy a famous smoothie, and bask in the glow of the Shine Tower.
This amusement park boasts everything from a Roller Coaster to the Clam Cups. The view from the Ferris Wheel is magnificent.
The gentle lapping of the sea accompanies spectacular sunsets and romantic dinners beneath starry skies. The four-star Hotel Delfino has it all.
Steep cliffs and sea beds are what the Nokis call home. The huge waterfall and three soaring towers resonate with mystic history.
The ancestral home of the Piantas was built in a giant tree as protection against wild beasts. Giant mushrooms thrive beneath the village.
The hot spring at the foot of the island's mountain is relaxing, but the lava caves, which open on the plaza, are forbidden for public safety.

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