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World 1A galaxy composed of several small planetoids and a massive battle station
World 1Where Mario first meets Yoshi on his travels across the cosmos
World 1The first place where Mario discovers the Spin Drill
World 1A galaxy that introduces the Cloud Flower, which turns Mario into Cloud Mario
World 1Here, each spin flips platforms back and forth, eliminating old paths while creating new ones
World 1The first galaxy that introduces multiple flipping gravity fields
World 1A fiery fortress where Bowser Jr. holds the first Grand Star
World 2A system of wooden blocks and boards, infested by buzz saws and mandibugs
World 2This galaxy shoots into the sky, promising incredible rewards to heroes without a fear of heights
World 2A galactic quarry where Mario first discovers the Rock Mushroom
World 2Splash down in this galaxy to swim with the penguins and discover a series of Power Stars
World 2A galaxy that's home to Fluzzard, a shy but speedy bird
World 2The first place where Mario discovers the Bee Mushroom
World 2Bowser has set up his front line of defenses at the edge of this galaxy
World 3A galaxy that grows a fun fruit: the Blimp Fruit, which gives Yoshi the power of flight
World 3Mario will jump across cymbal-shaped planetoids and ride wind currents across empty space in this galaxy
World 3This creepy galaxy is where Mario first harvests the Bulb Berry
World 3Shivers and chills abound in this frozen corner of space
World 3When Mario lands in this artful galaxy, he is immediately given the Power Star, but it's locked inside a sphere
World 3Mario has to jump to the beat in this musical galaxy
World 3Here Bowser Jr. has a mighty pirate fleet which he unleashes to slow Mario down
World 4Composed of planets and enemies from previous adventures, but everything has been gigantic-sized
World 4A galaxy that has fun with the pull of gravity, where Mario must use grates to flip back and forth between the sides of the planets
World 4A galaxy that looks like a wonderful place to vacation
World 4A galaxy out in deep space where Chomps just roll off an assembly line
World 4Mario will indulge his sweet tooth in this galaxy made of cookies and cakes
World 4The Queen Bee holds court high above this galaxy
World 4Bowser lurks here, perfecting his schemes in the heart of his flying castle
World 5This galaxy is a collection of derelict battle stations and Pull Stars
World 5This parched galaxy is a dangerous desert loaded with challenges like a giant sand slide and rolling Rhomps
World 5A system of polar opposites: one second it's a lava lake, the next it's a glassy sheet of ice
World 5This haunted galaxy is home to a whole host of Boos
World 5A funhouse of gravity, where down is up and up is down
World 5While clutching Fluzzard's talons, Mario must soar to the finish line of this galaxy
World 5Here, Mario has to fight his way to Bowser Jr.'s last stand and defeat his latest invention, the Boomsday Machine
World 6Magmaws and Magmaarghs erupt from the lava-soaked worlds of this galaxy
World 6A galaxy where Mario must dive into empty holes to avoid getting smashed by rolling wheels
World 6Longtime Mario fans will recognize this galaxy - it's the pyramid from Super Mario 64
World 6A series of planets, all infested with enemies from previous galaxies
World 6Darkness reigns in this spooky galaxy, but every few seconds, lightning crackles across the sky
World 6Mario has to grab a shell and dive into this underwater obstacle course
World 6If Mario can survive the trap-loaded defenses and Magmaargh minions here, Bowser will challenge him to a final showdown
World SA galaxy that's shaped like classic Mario from his 8-bit adventures
World SA galaxy modeled after one of Mario's favorite karting tracks
World SThe planets in this galaxy are spinning blocks that never slow down
World SA galaxy that features an extremely tough planet from Super Mario Galaxy
World SThis galaxy is a rogue's gallery of bosses from the first Super Mario Galaxy
World SIn this galaxy, Mario must spin to swap colorful blocks, creating a series of walls to jump up
World SPrecise jumping, perfect landings, and smart use of power-ups are required to reach the end of this galaxy

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