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Season 1Build a giant rollercoaster
Season 1Create a beach in the backyard
Season 1Become instant rock stars
Season 1Drive a race car
Season 1Direct a major motion picture
Season 1Thumb wrestle Buford behind the mall
Season 1Add Candace's face to Mount Rushmore
Season 1Build robot dopplegangers
Season 1Become successful fashion designers
Season 1Herd cattle through the city
Season 1Create a new season
Season 1Build a circus in the backyard
Season 1Find and capture a mummy
Season 1Make an ice cream sundae for Isabella
Season 1Become successful toy designers
Season 1Escape from 'Bigfoot'
Season 1Build a monster truck rally
Season 1Build a shrinking submarine
Season 1Travel back in time
Season 1Surprise parents for anniversary
Season 1Build 50 foot treehouse robots
Season 1High seas pirate adventure
Season 1Chariot race across town
Season 1Giant waterslide in backyard
Season 1Surprise mom for birthday
Season 1Rollerskate with grandmother
Season 1Do nothing for the entire day
Season 1Dig up and befriend a caveman
Season 1Find Buford's lost goldfish
Season 1Jousting tournament in England
Season 1Elevator to the Moon / Chase Norm
Season 1Build a giant bowling ball
Season 1Participate in the 'F Games'
Season 1Laser their faces into a comet
Season 1Build a miniature golf course
Season 1Switch Candace's and Perry's brains
Season 1Discover Perry's secret hideout
Season 1Help grandpa fulfill lifelong dream
Season 1Help Isabella get rid of her hiccups
Season 1Listen to story about ancestors
Season 1Help Django impress his father
Season 1Make cartoon versions of themselves
Season 1Create 'the Rainbowinator'
Season 1Build a rocket and fly into space
Season 1Get sent to a horrible reform school
Season 1Fix Baljeet's 'Portal to Mars'
Season 1Rescue Candace from Mars
Season 2Travel to the bottom of a lake to find...
Season 2Build an animal translator
Season 2Have a concert to advocate Aglets
Season 2Help Baljeet enlarge his small melon
Season 2Build an aquarium for pet goldfish
Season 2Make a giant gelatin mold in pool
Season 2Giant waterslide around Big Ben
Season 2Build a 'Big and Obvious' ride
Season 2Platypus-themed restaurant
Season 2Watch over Perry's 'egg'
Season 2Go inside a videogame
Season 2Help fix an alien's spaceship
Season 2Build a bigger and better fort than...
Season 2Make an airplane out of paper mache
Season 2Have a game show in their backyard
Season 2Build a giant car wash in backyard
Season 2Search for Perry after he is missing
Season 2Shipwrecked on a deserted island
Season 2Shrink themselves in order to play...
Season 2Help Baljeet impress friend from India
Season 2Help Baljeet learn how to rock
Season 2Travel to a large mall with mom
Season 2Create X-Ray glasses to see through things
Season 2Build a spa in the backyard
Season 2Travel forward and back in time
Season 2Top ten Phineas and Ferb songs
Season 2Float around in a giant bubble
Season 2Ask Isabella to find special sap
Season 2Try to make Candace feel better
Season 2Help Candace earn 50 Fireside Girl patches
Season 2Help Baljeet get rid of Buford
Season 2Become detectives to help Candace
Season 2Build machine to retrieve skateboard
Season 2Help Jeremy enter a dance contest
Season 2Reverse engineer a weird machine
Season 2Discover the lost city of...
Season 2Help Santa deliver Christmas presents
Season 2Build device to go through things
Season 2Help Candace plan aunt's wedding
Season 2Support Candace at a father-daughter race
Season 2Build a large replica of Niagara Falls
Season 2Build an antigravity fun launcher
Season 2Create multiple floats for a parade
Season 2Watch an alien movie marathon
Season 2Modify a bunch of kiddie rides
Season 2Build a large Eiffel Tower replica
Season 2Build multiple large spinning tops
Season 2Try to find invisible lizard pet
Season 2Rodeo with robotic bulls in backyard
Season 2Develop a secret superhero persona
Season 2Save the city as this superhero
Season 2Build a log cabin and pioneer village
Season 2Build the ultimate lemonade stand
Season 2Travel to Hawaii for a vacation
Season 2Fly around the world on the longest day of the year
Season 2Go to the tri-state area comic book convention
Season 2Clean the house by spinning it around
Season 2Build an all-terrain vehicle
Season 2Build the largest building ever
Season 2Create a labyrinth to help Candace
Season 2Turn their father into a famous singer
Season 2Create a machine to split objects into components
Season 2Create new videogames while sick in bed

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