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''Everybody's got their thing, somethin' different we all bring, don't you let 'em clip your wings, you got it, you got it.''
''He's cool, he's hot like a frozen sun. He's young, and fast, he's the chosen one.''
''When the crowd wants more, I bring on the thunder. 'Cause you got my back and I'm not goin' under.''
''I know it sounds crazy, but time doesn't faze me...ever since it lost its hold on me.''
''Who's a little like water and oil? ______ & ___________. What's in the kettle and ready to boil? ______ & ___________.''
''Here we go, we're leavin' the city behind right now. Let's gather by the campfire light, and sing this song.''
''I'm fly, the original. I'm sly, unpredictable. I'm nearly irresistible, and I don't even try.''
''I'm the new kid, movin' in, gettin' it done, and I'm officially the candidate for havin' some fun, you know.''
''____ the _________: strong but a wimp. His sisters Fang and Candy: a princess and a chimp.''
''Welcome to my wicked world...wicked world.''
''He's on his way to the throne, he's on his way to success! But he has to go to school, he's got to ace that test!''
''One, two, three, four, who's that knockin' at my door? Five, six, seven, eight, hurry up and don't be late!''
''I've been waiting, for a day like this to come. Struck like lightning, my heart's beatin' like a drum.''
''Today's all burnt toast, runnin' late, and dad jokes, has anybody seen my left shoe?''
''You get the limo out front. Hottest styles, every shoe, every color.''
''You're nothin' but trouble, but trouble's what I like. Got a whole life to figure it out, so...why start tonight?''
''It feels like a party every day. Hey ______! Hey ______! But they keep on pullin' me every which way. Hey ______! Hey ______!''
''I was sitting at home, watching TV all alone. So tired of routines, the day goes on and on.''
''Oh, when danger comes for you, you know I'll stand beside ya. 'Cause ain't nobody keep their head so cool.''
''I'm your basic average girl, and I'm here to save the world. You can't stop me 'cause I'm ___ ________.''
''Used to be my mother and my sister and me, a happy little family and alright with me.''
''I lai la, ua i la, no mala hini ohana. Welcome cousins, e komo mai. Aloha, e komo mai.''
''I'm up with the sunshine. Let's go! I lace up my high-tops. Oh no! Slam dunk, ready or not, yeah show me what you got.''
''If you believe...that we've got a picture perfect plan, we've got ya fooled...'cause we only do the best we can.''
''She's the girl next door. Nice but naughty, a heart that's pure. She's the girl next door. She's for me.''
''Meet a boy named Phil and his family, on vacation from the 22nd century.''
''There's 104 days of summer vacation, 'til school comes along just to end it, so the annual problem for our generation, is findin' a good way to spend it.''
''Look at the look at the look on your face, look at the look at the look on your face.''
''You and me, we'll always be tight. Family every single day and night. Even when you start actin' like a fool, you know I'm lovin' every single thing you do.''
''Todd and Riley were, oh so sad. Then they came 'cross a, Fleemco ad.''
''Everybody, everybody, get out on the floor. It can get a little crazy when the kick hits the four.''
''A fantastic journey, a little bit of this and that. You know we gonna chill, might not come back.''
''Off to the races, I'm goin' places. Might be a long shot, not gonna waste it.''
''It's gonna get a little weird, gonna get a little wild. I ain't from 'round here, I'm from another dimension.''
''Here I am in your life. Here you are in mine. Yes we have the suite life, most of the time.''
''Come along with me, and let's head out to see, what this world has for you and for me now.''
''I know what we're gonna do. Join us for the interview. Have a seat 'cause it's ____ ___ with _______ and ____!''
''If you could gaze into the future...you might think life would be a breeze.''
''Well you know everything's gonna be a breeze, that the end will no doubt justify the means, you can fix any problem with the slightest of ease, yes please.''
''A promise that I keep, I'll never share, I'll never speak. To my grave the secret goes.''

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