Cosmic Spirit galaxies

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Can you name the galaxies from Super Mario Galaxy 2 in which the Cosmic Spirit appears?

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Peewee Piranha's Temper Tantrum
Think Before You Shake
Search for the Toad Brigade Captain
Gobblegut's Aching Belly
Hot-Stepping Dash Pepper
Tall Trunk's Big Slide / Tall Trunk's Purple Coin Slide
A Glimmer of Bulb Berry
Huge Trouble with Big Wigglers
Flip-Flopping in Flipsville
Where the Chomps are Made of Gold
Squizzard's Sandy Sinkhole
A Stroll Down Rolling Lane
Snacktime for Gobblegut
Luigi's Purple Coin Chaos
Purple Coins on the Rainbow Road
Tox Box Speed Run
Wicked Wall Jumps / Cosmic Clone Wall Jumpers

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