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Mr. Mrs. Smith / Rounders
I am legend / Jurassic Park
Iron Man / Night at the Museum
The Breakup / Drillbit Taylor
Cellular / Good Luck Chuck
Lord of the Rings / Edward Scissorhands
Transporter / Shooter
Swordfish / Lord of War
Cinderella man / Batman Dark Knight
Casino Royale / X-Men Origins
Running Scared / Chronicles of Riddick
Knocked Up / Waterboy
We Were Soldiers / Brokeback Mountain
Accepted / Juno
Idiocracy / Talledega Nights
Hint Answer
My Boss's Daughter / Tin Cup
Matrix / Training Day
Bladerunner / No Country for Old Men
Troy / Jersey Girl
Titanic / Gladiator
Twister / Forrest Gump
National Security / School of Rock
2 Fast 2 Furious / Spiderman
License to Wed / Oceans 11
Blue Streak / Santa Claus
The Animal / Black Sheep
Hitman / Armegeddon
Deja Vu / Gone in 60 Seconds
Rudy / Green Street Hooligans

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