Legend of Dragoon Magics

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Can you name the Legend of Dragoon Magic attacks?

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Fire attack, 50%, single target 
Fire attack, 25%, all 
Fire attack, 75%, single 
Fire attack, 175%, all 
Non-elemental attack, 50%, all 
Non-elemental attack, 100%, single 
Wind attack, 25%, all 
Damage Resistance x50% for 3 turns, all allies 
Wind attack, 100%, single 
Wind attack, 75%, all 
Revive/Fully Heal one ally 
Light attack, 25%, all 
Revive/Fully Heal all allies 
Light attack, 100%, all 
Dark attack, 25%, single plus heals allies 
Dark attack, 25%, all 
Instantly kills minor enemies 
Dark attack, 100%, single 
Thunder attack, 50%, single 
Thunder attack, 65%, single 
Thunder attack, 75%, single 
Thunder attack, 100%, single 
Water attack, 50%, single 
Heal HP/Cure status ailments, all allies 
Water attack, 50%, all 
Water attack, 100%, single 
Earth attack, 25%, all 
Earth attack, 50%, all 
Earth attack, 75%, all 

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