Chapter 16 Vocabulary

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Can you name the correct vocab term (meaning when given the Latin word, can you give its English meaning)?

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Latin WordEnglish Word
avunculus, avunculi (m)
caelum, caeli (n)
causa, causae (m)
cinis, cineris (m)
clades, cladis (f)
classis, classis (f)
femina, feminae (f)
fumus, fumi (m)
incendium, incendii (n)
litus, litoris (n)
mater, matris (f)
Latin WordEnglish Word
mons, montis (m)
navis, navis (f)
nubes, nubis (f)
pars, partis (f)
funestus, funesta, funestum
lego, legere, legi
opprimo, opprimere, oppressi
studeo, studere, studui

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