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?Dazzling icy blue eyed vampire
?Cute vampire with forest green eyes
?Main female character
?Preppy, insecure, head cheerleader
?Olive toned skin, mother walked out on her at a young age
?Ex football player who was a barman at the grill before Stefan killed him
?Was alive with the Salvatore brothers back in 1864 and is only back in Mystic Falls for one reason...
?Best friends with a certain Petrova Doppelgänger back in 1864 and even before that
?Elena's biological father
?Was married to the school history teacher before she was turned by Damon Salvatore
?Had both the Salvatore Brothers falling for her back in 1864 when she lived in Mystic Falls
?Was beheaded by a nobel Original
?A beautiful woman who had information on a certain Original who wanted to became a Hybrid, returned in season 3 as a ghost
?the 'trust-worthy' Original
HintAnswerExtra Hint
?A Original who's werewolf side of himself was laying dormant until a curse could be lifted
?Used to have a romantic relationship with Logan Fell
?Wears a magic Gilbert ring that keeps him from dying
?A troubled teen who found comfort in drugs until he found his way with the help of Damon Salvatore
?Had a relationship with both a young werewolf and Jeremy Gilbert before she died
?Had a relationship with Elena Gilbert before her parents died and she needed 'space'
?Loves to drink and party, used to baby-sit Jenna Sommers
?Has a romantic relationship with Caroline Forbes
?Was in the end killed by Damon Salvatore, in season 3 then came back to haunt him and find help for Tyler
?The Mayor of Mystic Falls before he died in a tragic fire
?In turn becomes the Mayor of Mystic Falls when her husband dies tragically
?Mother of Caroline Forbes
?A homosexual father to Caroline Forbes who tortured her because she was a vampire

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