Simpsons Character by Alphabet

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Can you name the Simpsons characters starting with certain letters of the alphabet?

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AManager of the Kwik-E-Mart
BSon in the Simpson family
CPolice chief
DLoves 70s music, but doesn't advertise
EFourth grade teacher at Springfield Elementary
FHomer's enemy
GDown on his luck loser unable to hold a job
HFather in the Simpson family
IAnimated mouse
JLives in retirement home with Abe Simpson
KChildren's entertainer
LDaughter in the Simpson family
MMother in the Simpson family
NSimpsons' religious neighbour
OSchool bus driver
POne of Marge's sisters
QMayor of Springfield
RSlow-witted classmate of Lisa's
SPrincipal of Springfield Elementary
TSon of the Simpsons' neighbour
UOverweight German exchange student
VBart's best friend (must type last name)
WJanitor at Springfield Elementary
ZMarge's nerdy prom date who still loves her (must type last name)

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