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QuoteEndingEpisode - # Of Words
Thats what...All - 2
I'm an early bird and a night owl. So I'm wise...Office Olympics - 4
Here it is. The heart of New York City. Times Square. Named for the...Valentines Day - 8
I'm not superstitious but I am...Fun Run - 3
You don't call retarded people retards. It's bad taste. You call your friends retards...Gay Witch Hunt - 4
Jim and I are great friends. We hang out a ton...The Secret - 3
Myth: Three Americans die every year from rabies. Fact:...Fun Run - 7
Fool me once, strike one. Fool me twice...Traveling Salesmen - 2
It was a crime of passion, Jan. Not a disgruntled employee. Everyone here is...The Negotiation - 2
The company has made it my responsibility today to put an end to 100,000 years of...Gay Witch Hunt - 5
QuoteEndingEpisode - # Of Words
You'll notice, I didn't have anybody being Arab. I thought that would be too explosive, uh, no pun intended. But I just thought, too soon for Arabs, maybe next year. You know...Diversity Day - 5
Would I rather be feared or loved? Um...Easy, both. I want people to be... The Fight - 7
You may look around and see two groups here. White collar and blue collar. But I don't see it that way. You know why not? Because...Diversity Day - 4
Yeah I have flaws, like I sing in the shower, I volunteer too much, and occasionally...Fun Run - 6
The early worm gets...Cocktails - 2
Abraham Lincoln once said that...Diversity Day - 12
I love inside jokes...The Convention - 9
There's such a thing as good grief...Grief Counseling - 4
Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject...The Negotiation - 9

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