40k SM Legions, Primarchs & Homeworlds

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Can you name the Warhammer 40k Space Marine Legions, their Primarchs & Homeworlds?

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Legion Number - HintAnswer
I- Legion
I- Primarch
I- Homeworld
III- Legion
III- Primarch
III- Homeworld
IV- Legion
IV- Primarch
IV- Homeworld
V- Legion
V- Primarch
V- Homeworld
VI- Legion
VI- Primarch
VI- Homeworld
VII- Legion
VII- Primarch
VII- Homeworld
VIII- Legion
VIII- Primarch
VIII- Homeworld
IX- Legion
IX- Primarch
IX- Homeworld
X- Legion
X- Primarch
X- Homeworld
Legion Number - HintAnswer
XII- Legion
XII- Primarch
XII- Homeworld
XIII- Legion
XIII- Primarch
XIII- Homeworld
XIV- Legion
XIV- Primarch
XIV- Homeworld
XV- Legion
XV- Primarch
XV- Homeworld
XVI- Legion
XVI- Primarch
XVI- Homeworld
XVII- Legion
XVII- Primarch
XVII- Homeworld
XVIII- Legion
XVIII- Primarch
XVIII- Homeworld
XIX- Legion
XIX- Primarch
XIX- Homeworld
XX- Legion
XX- Primarch
XX- Homeworld

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