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Words Begins withTermclue
Ageneral term for water sports
Ba swimming stroke
Canother swimming stroke
Djump in!
Emovie swimmer Williams
Fput them on your feet
Gprotect your eyes
Hwater is 2 parts this
Iancient ocean that disappeared in the Continental Divide
Jthey'll sting you
Kleg movement to propel
Lup and down a lane one time
Mcompetition at the pool
Words Begins withTermclue
Nmilitary branch with SEALS
OIndian, Arctic, Atlantic....
Pgreat Olympic swimmer
Qhow you must swim to win
Rdangerous pull in the ocean
Snot the deep end
Ta group of competitors
Uanother name for term under 'R'
Vthe Pacific has active & extinct ones of these
Wtsunami is a big one
Ynot many swim in this muddy Chinese River
Zopen-water this is where sunlight can still penetrate

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