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Name these books with pig charactersBook Title
First in Joseph Caldwell's pig trilogy
A hero and his men are turned into pigs by Circe
Gub-Gub the pig speaks to this vet
Jimmy Buffett wrote this one
Falconer's saucy piglet who also stars on NickJr.
By R.N. Peck, set on a Vermont farm
11-yr-old Louise turns her brother into a pig
Name these books with pig charactersBook Title
Piglet and friends appear in this series
Snowball and Napoleon play parts in this Orwell story
Title character saves Wilbur the pig's life
P.G. Wodehouse's Shropshire rolic
Dick King-Smith's book that became a movie
Title character in series by Kate DiCamillo
Holly Hobbie's picture book duo

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