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AYoungest daughter
B1905 massacre of citizens petitioning the tsar
CWhere they summered at Livadia Palace
DState advisory board
E1 of the languages they spoke fluently
FMaker of jeweled eggs
GAlexandra's country of birth
HTsaravich suffered this disease
IHouse where the family was executed
JMonth the family was executed
KAlexander III died of this
LRevolutionary nemesis of Imperial Family
MThird daughter
Starts withAnswerHint
NThe tsar
OEldest daughter
PGovernment published this against minorities
QAnother term for tsarina
RMystical monk
SImperial yacht
TSecond daughter
UWhere Nicholas hoped to exile after abdication
VQueen who was Alexandra's grandmother
WOfficial residence in St. Petersburg
YTown where family was imprisoned
ZVillages' local assemblies

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